Loving your Post Pregnancy Tummy

My Post-Natal Massage Experience


I was blessed with twin girls who were born via c-section. I adored my two little angels but felt challenged by the way my stomach looked post pregnancy. I tried to embrace the movement of loving my scarred stomach and overhang, but I just felt sluggish and horrible. I literally felt like my organs were all over the place, my uterus out-of-order as I could not seem to hold my pee, despite doing those bloody kegel exercises (I dreaded coughing and sneezing! To all my mummies that don’t do jumping jacks or trampolining hehehe). I felt bad about myself and then guilty for feeling that way.


Instead of embracing my mummy tummy I just started to accept that I just had to live with it.


Then my coach had recommended a post-natal massage, it was a little alien to me. I didn’t know that such a therapy was available but I thought it was worth a try. So I got to work searching the net for a local therapist. There weren’t many practitioners where I lived but thankfully I found one that resonated with me.


I wasted no time contacted the therapist. Straight away she was reassuring, explaining what it was I was going to encounter, understanding my symptoms and letting me know I wasn’t the only one who had felt this way. Excited and relieved I went straight ahead and booked an appointment.


Well, I had my first post natal massage! It was amazing! I thought to myself, how do women not know about this???? It should definitely be in a post natal pack.


During the massage my stomach gurgled and contracted as though it was (gently) recreating labour contractions (I didn’t go into labour with my girls). It was magical! I longed to give birthed naturally and the only thought I had when experiencing this was, this longing was trapped in my body and was being fulfilled. I surrendered and allowed my body to do what it needed and trusted the gentle hands that put my organs back into place (it sounds funny but that is what it felt like) and the healing massage of my c-section scar. It was a beautiful experience that led me to book more sessions.


The question you probably want to know is did it work? What other affects did it have?


I can tell you straight away I noticed a difference in the way I felt, in fact I felt a little tipsy (which wasn’t too bad). My stomach also felt put back together and I no longer felt bloated and sluggish. Furthermore, my menstruation was lighter and was shorter, with very little cramping. Now that has got to be a bonus! Even the way I felt towards my mummy tummy had changed, I felt and do now love my tummy (which I didn’t expect from a massage!)

Finally the main reason I am writing this blog is to encourage ALL you beautiful mummies to experience post natal massage. It’s a wonderful nurturing gift to yourself and has lots of health benefits.

The lovley therapist I used was call Suzzana Burton. You can connect with her through the link below  or  put a search in google to find a therapist that is close to you.


Now go and give your yummy tummy some love xxx




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