What do you know about parenting?

Who taught you how to parent?


Being a parent is a blessing. I have had the pleasure of experiencing three little amazing human beings grow inside of me! When I think about the details involved in creating another being with a soul of its own, WOW! It’s so amazing and I am in awe of the magic that takes place.

When I was pregnant I learned so much about how my babies were developing and read all of the milestones. I was actively preparing for parenthood (well at least I thought I was). I felt confident as the eldest of six siblings that I would be able to parent with ease (I know a little naive lol). Now don’t get me wrong, what little experience and knowledge I had acquired at the time served me well for some of the time. However, I was not prepared for the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual effect it has had on me!


OMG being a mother is frigging hard at times!


I literally feel like I am learning on the job. At times I don’t have the time to think about how I am parenting, I am on auto and then all I want to do is sleep (sometimes if I have the energy I will run myself a bath and fall sleep in that).

Although lucky for me, the more I learn about and understand my parenting style and find ways to enhance and improve it, the less these types of scenario’s happen.


So that’s great for me on this wonderful crazy journey, but the whole parenting thing has got me thinking. I think it is crazy how most of us do not learn (I mean in the sense that we haven’t concluded our own solid view of what the following means instead we blindly accept the collective/media’s perspective) what a parent is, what is involved (raising another human being) and the different parenting styles out there that we get to choose from.

We’ve seem to have come from the perspective of ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ where lots of different family members are involved in raising the child to trying to do it all on our own (speaking to both single and coupled parents).  So what happened and what did I miss? I know there are parents that are very comfortable in their role and I admire their clarity, however, there are parents like me who are getting clear. Or this maybe the first time you are thinking about your parenting in this way (Hello and welcome :))


I would love to hear about your experiences and thoughts about parenting. What do you understand about your parenting? Do you have a specific parenting style? Who influences your parenting?

Who taught you how to parent?